2011 - VOX PIX

2010 - Travelling North

2008 - Abstraction and Space

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2003 - Sense of Place

2001 - Presence / Absence

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James Yuncken and Jeannie Marsh



A collaboration bringing Voices and Visual Art together in a Multi-media format including:

An Exhibition of paintings 4th - 16th October *

Multi-media Concerts 15th & 16th October *

VOX PIX, also known to Jeannie and myself as The Icon Project, goes back to a time just after my 2008 Exhibition, Abstraction & Space.

Over a coffee, discussing that exhibition and new directions, I mentioned a series of little works I thought of as Icon paintings, abstract paintings with a lot of gold in them: not really Icons at all, but possibly the result of having spent a fair bit of time in the last ten years in Orthodox Churches where gold and iconography abound.

Five minutes later the seed of this project was sewn and three years later we invite you to come see the results.

We have blended a range of rich and vibrant paintings with music from the medieval and renaissance times, the 20th Century and right up to 21st Century contributions by three Melbourne composers.

Themes ranging from calm and joyful contemplation, the cosmos writ large in astronomical scale (through to the opposite end: the microscopic), the tension between scientific and mystical, were behind the choices of image and music.

To help achieve the blend of static image and motion filled music we engaged Greg Alex Vasey to delve into the images and sometimes make them move just a little. The works are presented in a way that sheds light on the connections between image and song and facilitates a greater insight into both.

And we hope it will provide you with not only a novel experience but perhaps, hopefully, the urge to go "WOW!" once or twice.

James Yuncken, September 2011

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